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Proximity Marketing Beacons

Automatically promote your business to nearby (within 100 yards) Android phones.  40 charachter message plus a website/social media link.  Unlimited messaging.  Low monthly fee.  Change message/link as needed.  Device is weatherproof and is equipped with a two-year battery.  Fits in your pocket or purse.

Virtual Business Cards and Mobile Websites

Shuffle was developed especially for people who network professionally.  The kings and queens of prospect management!  We wanted to provide a simple, mobile solution that allowed busy professionals to easily manage prospect relations from the point of introduction, through the entire lifecycle of the relationship.  Just $10/month and enter code 4911499698 for a 14-day free trial.

Click Here and enter referral code 4911499698 for your free 14-day trial.

Pint Glass Advertising

Market your products and services at local sports bars and pubs with your very own Glassified Ad.  Our Pint Size Ad marketing strategy will help place your company's brand identity in the spotlight offering a unique blend of marketing, design and pizazz.  Glassified Ads turn heads, open eyes and create local conversation around YOUR local market.

Video Testimonials

Getting a video testimonial on the spot is more effective than following up and asking for a review after the customer has already left your business.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?  Imagine having a satisfied customer telling all their friends about your business through an engaging video on Facebook. See below for demo.

Text Marketing Services for Businesses

• These days, everyone leaves their house with 3 things: their keys, wallet and their cell phone.
• 100% of cell phones can receive text messages.
• 98% of consumers read messages within minutes.
• Customers provide their permission by opting in.
• Word of mouth – your clients will share your promotions with their friends, expanding your customer base even more!

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